RO Waste Collection

Aquatip is simply a waste collection business, specialised in collecting unwanted or used Reverse Osmosis membranes from water treatment plants with the aim to dispose, recycle, or repurpose them for a different application.

With the RO membrane life span ranges between 5 to 8 years, the majority of used membranes around the world is disposed into landfill. Given the large volume/mass that wasted membranes occupy along with the rising cost of landfill, disposal becomes challenging, expensive and not environmentally friendly. Therefore, Aquatip offers a unique service by easing the waste burden from the plant operators and collects any unwanted or used membranes from site safely and without any impact on the plant operations or projects.

RO membranes disposal


Aquatip is committed to care and improve the environment by first and foremost, helping customers maximising diversion from landfill. Furthermore, Aquatip offers to use recyclable material in its packaging of the unwanted membranes.

RO membranes disposal


Aquatip is committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of its people and the workplace where Aquatip teams operate. Our waste collection methodology along with all supporting documentation such as the resource and traffic management plans are detailed to our customers before work commencement to ensure safe collection of membranes. Aquatip proposed collection hours are flexible to suit the customer needs in order to ensure no impact on the plant’s operation.